Thai massage could be included on Unesco World Heritage list

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Thai massage could be included in the Unesco’s World Heritage list.

Government officials in Thailand believe that the say that traditional massage is a legacy of Thai local wisdom dating back more than 600 years.

Dr Boonruang Trairuangworawat said there are two types of the massage – one which was practiced in the Royal court and the other by common people.

Dr Boonruang, director-general of Health Service Support Department, met with Unesco chiefs, businesses and other govenrment officials this week as they push the matter.

One aim is to ensure that the quality of Thai traditional massage is standardized and that the massage is preserved as an occupation for Thai nationals.

They are now drawing up information about Thai massage to back the claim of its history and cultural importance.

Once approved by the Thai goverment, the bid will be sent to the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee in Paris.

Thailand has five sites on Unesco’s World Heritage List – Sukhothai ancient city, Ayutthaya ancient city, Ban Chiang, Thung Yai-Huey Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary and Dong Prayayen-Khao Yai forests.

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