Six hand reflexology massage techniques

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Hand reflexology massage is becoming increasingly popular – due partly to the amount of office work people do these days. Constantly tapping on a keyboard causes strain and soreness in the joints and muscles of the wrists and fingers. Over time this leads to stress and irritability.

Ergonamic keyboards and mouse mats can help, as can regular do-it-yourself hand reflexology massage. Hand reflexology will produce a calming effect. There are many nerve ending within the hand and by messaging these various pressure points, the hand will relax, blood will circulate more freely, and pain will dissipate. The calming effect will travel to the various body systems and organs for feeling of well being.

Look at our free hand reflexology chart to see where the key reflexology points are in the wrist, fingers, thumb and palm.

The technique to use requires pressure and stretching movements. You can commence by pulling upon the web part of the tips of your fingertips and thumbs, while gently applying pressure. Now take the body of the hand (palm and top of the hand) and stretch the skin back and forth, always be gentle and produce just enough pressure to get the task done. You can overdo these simply techniques if you are
messaging too hard, too long, or too much. If any part of the hand becomes too sensitive to touch because of the massage stop it, let your
hand rest for a few days before resuming the massage.

2. Simply rolling a golf ball around the palm of the hand is a great source of energy releasing power. This energy release will benefit the adrenal glands, stomach, kidneys, solar plexus and pancreas.

3. By applying simple reflexology techniques to your fingers, hands and wrists you can promote health and healing to every area of your body. By applying firm, but gentle pressure and massage to the fingers of both hands, starting at the ends of your fingers, you can promote health and wellbeing to your ears, eyes, brain and hair follicles on both sides of your body. Each hand represents one-half of the body. By massaging
your thumbs with gentle pressure, not enough to hurt, you can affect the thyroid  gland, sinuses and your spinal column.

4. Did you know that simple reflexology techniques applied to the fleshy part of your thumbs can help relieve the pain of a sore throat? These techniques, when done on a regular basis, will help to promote healing and wellness throughout the body. A combination of movements, pinching, rubbing and pulling on specific areas of the fingers and hands can affect the whole body.

5. Applying pressure in the center of the anterior wrist can help relieve back pain. Move your pressure upwards a little bit and you can relieve
nausea. If you would like to learn more about simple reflexology techniques you may want to contact a reflexology professional, or you may want to purchase a book written specifically as a guide to learning the techniques.

6.Another reflexology point is the area between the index finger and middle finger on both hands. This area corresponds with the eyes. If you don’t have a partner to massage and apply pressure to your feet, and you don’t want to do it yourself, you can relieve your eye strain by massaging this area with gentle pressure. Just close your eyes and massage this area on the anterior side of your hand between the first
and second fingers and the palm of your hand. To relieve eye strain on both eyes remember to massage this area on both hands. This technique is especially helpful for people who work in front of a computer screen for hours at a time. It really does relax the eyes and makes you feel fresh, like you have had a nap.

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