Four benefits of using a thai massage stick

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Using a thai reflexology foot massage stick has many benefits
Using a thai reflexology foot massage stick has many benefits

The wooden massage stick has been used for hundreds of years in Thailand when giving foot and hand massages. These kind of massages also use elements of reflexology, where pressure points in that link with organs are stimulated.

Hands, fingers and thumbs can be used for the massages, however, many masseuses also use the Thai wooden sticks as they have a number of benefits. Here’s why…

1. Stops hands from aching

Performing a strong massage on the feet and hands requires a lot of hard pressing from the thumbs to release tension in stiff muscles and ligaments. Using a stick to push into the areas will stop hands from aching, and in the long run prevent the hands of the masseuse from getting injured and suffering from stiffness themselves.

2. Gets directly to pressure points

One end of the thai massage stick tool is small and pointed. The pressure is therefor concentrated onto a small point. This is helpful if a knot needs to be broken up, or if a reflexology point for a particular organ needs reaching as sometimes the thumb can be too blunt.

3. Versatility means the stick can be used in different ways

A thai massage stick can usually be used in different ways – by pushing the small tip into the muscles, the large tip, or by scraping the edge or large end along the foot. The scraping method is really effective on the sole of the foot, as it can be dragged along the ligaments from the pad below the toes right to the heel.

4. Increasing skills of the masseuse 

Anything that increases the services and skills a masseuse can offer is good. They can heal more people, offer different options and get more clients. After all, reflexology foot massages are a hugely popular service and many people have experienced them in Thailand and like to have them in the west.


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