Sawadee Ka! Thank you for visiting and reading the about page! If you haven’t already noticed, we sell a whole range of products for Thai massage – wooden reflexology sticks, herbal massage balms, do-it-yourself face rollers and even wooden backscratchers (which are actually pretty popular!).

All the products are handmade in Thailand from different suppliers across the country, including some of our own family members and friends. We’ve been doing quite some time now, and managed to find the best quality products, and most efficient ways to import them to the UK – our base to sell them internationally.

As we mentioned before, the products are all handmade in Thailand. There isn’t a lot of manufacturing and industry in the country, and most items like are made on a small scale by people in their own homes and yards – so often they lack the ability to sell on a global scale…  which is where this site comes in.

Now, we’re not gonna get too ethical on you, but it’s a pretty good feeling being able to make orders from poor villages and communities, and see the honest income it brings to these underdeveloped areas – while at the same time supplying massage tools and accessories to people around the world for them to heal themselves and others.

So, please shop safe in the knowledge that all the goods are sources responsibly and ethically, from natural materials and at an honest price – and we take great care to ensure your order is of a high standard.

If you have any questions, would like more information about Thai massage, or would like to make a wholesale order, please get in touch and we will be happy to help and advise.